Monday, April 21, 2008

Well, crap

Not a good weekend for the Geek! My parents weren't able to make it out for Hillbilly Days, and it rained anyway, so that was shot. Luckily, I got some pictures and video on Friday. Unluckily, I had to offload them to my boyfriend's laptop, which he currently has at work. I'll try to get a hold of them tonight or tomorrow, so I should have some images up here and video up on Youtube by mid-week.

I work registration for the local hospital, and typically get stuck down in the emergency room. And this weekend was bad. The festival drew in a lot of people and we had quite a few minor accidents, and a few major medical problems, piling into the ER over the weekend. Scrambling to get someone into the computer so the doctor can order labs, while trying to get insurance info from others before they leave, while trying to keep up with paperwork, is a nightmare. I've been trying to convince management to computerize more of this paperwork, but they aren't technology-oriented and have been resisting.

To top it all off, our Dish DVR died last night. It still runs and outputs audio, but the video is screwed. I wouldn't mind terribly, except it had the new Doctor Who Christmas special on it (yeah, America is way behind), and I still hadn't watched the new episodes of Battlestar Galactica yet! At least I can watch BSG on Hulu. I'll probably have to hunt around Youtube for the Doctor Who special if it doesn't rerun later this week, when we get the new DVR.

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