Friday, May 2, 2008

Week recap

Wow, busy week! Things got a little crazy for me, so very few updates. The short-short version is that work has become a very uncomfortable place for me. Our director is really being aggressive, and I don't appreciate it. So, looking for another job.

I bought a new phone. My old one was pretty sad (MIDI ringtones, no java, etc.) so I decided it was time to upgrade. However, I'm not bringing in enough cash to justify an iPhone. This one runs $100 retail, but I got it for $40 refurb from AT&T GoPhone. Yes, I use a prepaid phone. I don't talk enough to justify spending $30+ a month for a cell phone. This way, I pay $25 every 3 months, and I've still got more talk time than I really need. Though I may eat up the balance with Twittering now…

Blogger will now do "future dated" posts. So, you can set a post for some future date/time and it will show up then; or, you can post immediately, then set a future date for the post, and it will permanently sort to the top (or until that date comes).

Google has a cool new app that will turn Google Image searches into a screensaver. Macintosh only.

You can embed a Guitar Hero widget on your page and play online. It has a leaderboard and everything, with three songs to play right now.

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