Saturday, September 6, 2008

GenCon: Cosplay

As the final post in my GenCon report (finally), I thought I'd leave you with a few more pictures. Several folks were dressed up as their favorite characters (aka cosplay), and a few were really just outstanding.

Cosplay - Blood Elf

This is a really nicely done Blood Elf from World of Warcraft. There's a lot of detail in this one, and it must've taken quite some time to put together.

Cosplay - Drow

The elves were well represented this year. Here, we have an absolutely awesome Drow. The lighting in the hotel was bad, so it's a bit hard to make out, but she did a fantastic job with the makeup and costuming.

Cosplay - Medieval Figures

A medieval troupe. The lady in the white dress must've had a time with it, because the train was extremely long. Looked great, though.

Cosplay - Captain Jack Sparrow

The best Captain Jack Sparrow of the con. And yes, there were a few.

Banana & Monkey

A monkey and his banana. Be sure to look at the sign on the monkey's chest. And, who is that to the side?

Cosplay - Vash the Stampede

Why, it's Vash the Stampede! Complete with his friend, Kuroneko.


I'm not sure if this counts as cosplay, but this was a fully featured R2-D2 rolling around the con floor.

That does it for GenCon. Hope you enjoyed reading my blogposts! Later this week, I'm going to do reviews of a couple books I picked up at the con, as well as some new computer hardware I recently purchased.

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