Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A fresh start

Welcome to the blog for Bluegrass Geek Creations*. This will be my blog for posting updates on my writing, gaming and general nerd-itude. Be sure to also check out my MySpace and LiveJournal accounts, and feel free to follow me on Twitter.
The basic gist is that I'm an aspiring game writer. I'm working on some concepts for Living Forgotten Realms, as well as my own homebrew D&D 4th Edition campaign setting. The latter will eventually make its way onto RPGnow as a series of PDFs while I test out the new races, class and various other goodies. Eventually, I plan to release a full Campaign Setting and Player's Guide. More details will be forthcoming.
* Tentative name for my one-man company. Still looking into if I can/need to make it formal as of yet.

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