Saturday, June 7, 2008

Random Kentuckiana

I've neglected this blog for a while, due to health issues. On new medicine now, but it's taking time to get used to it. So, here's some random musings on Kentucky life.

  • It's 17-year locust time again! It's just weird going outside and hearing this low hum as they make their mating call. One of my co-worker's kids described it sounding "like aliens are invading." If you follow the link, check out the animated image about halfway down that shows them molting from their pupal stage.
  • Another way you can tell it's summer in Kentucky: it's gone from rainy and 70 degrees F, to sunny, humid and nearly 100 degrees F in less than a week. Gah.
  • One of the bad things about working in a hospital, as I've mentioned before, is when people don't survive their trip to the hospital. It's especially bad out here in eastern Kentucky, as it can take a long time for first-responders to even get to the scene, much less get the person to the hospital. Many people live in such rural spots that it's often over before the EMS can even reach them.
  • I need to get out and take some photos of the various signs that stores put out. Often they're very interesting, offering services you don't normally see in other parts of the country. Unfortunately, some of Kentucky's reputation is well-deserved, as there are plenty of misspellings on these signs that are quite funny.

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